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What are the fees and charges to invest in a Trend?
What are the fees and charges to invest in a Trend?

AtlasTrend's fees explained.

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Investing fees payable to AtlasTrend

When you invest in a Trend, management fee and costs of 1.09% yearly (including ordinary expenses paid to third parties capped at 0.10% yearly) plus trigger-based performance fee applies. If the Trends outperform the MSCI World Net Total Return ex Australia Index (in Australian dollars) and the return is positive since the last performance fee was paid, 15% of the outperformance is payable to AtlasTrend.

There are no establishment, contribution, withdrawal or exit fees.
​See an example of how the performance this fee is calculated


Other investing costs

When you buy or sell your investments, a buy-sell spread applies. The buy spread of +0.15% and a sell spread of -0.15% is charged by an adjustment to the unit price to cover the cost of buying and selling the underlying shares for the Trends. Read more about it here.

These costs are payable to third parties from operating the Trends. They are not payable to AtlasTrend.Β 

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