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How much is the membership fee?
How much is the membership fee?

It’s free to join AtlasTrend. Investing fees apply when you invest, or join Learn membership from $9/month for investing ideas & insights.

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It's totally free to join AtlasTrend and start your 7-day trial. No credit card required, cancel anytime.

Sign up to browse member-exclusive investing insights, plus uncover all the international shares each of AtlasTrend invests in.

Learn Membership

After 7 days, if you’re not quite ready to invest yet, you can join Learn for $9/month (paid annually) or $10/month (paid monthly) to continue to access these default member perks:

  • Access to 'The Atlas' - your personal hub of investing know-how. It’s filled with investing fundamentals, insights and tips to help you filter the noise and learn about investing, all written in plain English. 

  • AtlasTrend’s investing blueprint – get an inside scoop on how AtlasTrend’s investment team creates and manages investments built around global megatrends and international shares impacting our world.

  • Full portfolio disclosure – regularly updated information on what we’re investing in and why.

  • Online support – our team is on hand to help you navigate the world of investing, no question is too small.

Invest Membership

There is no membership fee when you start investing. You'll still retain all the above member benefits, plus:

  • Invest from $100 monthly / $1,000 lump sum 

  • Diversified portfolio of international shares

  • Access to investment team

  • Fundamental stock research & active management

  • Online performance tracking

  • Annual tax statements

For an important notice about the service we provide, click here.

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