How to invest more

You can easily increase your investments a Trend or invest in another Trend.

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Want to invest in a new Trend, you're not already invested in?

  • Fill in the investment application as you did for your first investment, but you can skip the ID verification.

  • Access the form by clicking on the "Start Investing" button on the top right of your Dashboard. 

Want to invest more in a Trend you're already invested in?

What happens next?

Once the required application form and cash for your application request has been received into the Trend’s bank account, your request will be processed and you will be issued with a confirmation and holding statement. 

A member of the AtlasTrend team we will be in touch to advise when you can start tracking your investments online.

Investing with AtlasTrend for the first time?

Check out our Getting Started guide, and see the Start Investing FAQs.

If you're not yet a member, sign up to access the members hub to get started.

For an important notice about the service we provide, click here.

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