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Tracking your investment performance

See how your investment is performing online on any device 24/7. Find out when you can start tracking & how often it's updated.

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You can view and track your investments online on a daily basis including your current holdings, daily unit prices and performance of Trends you choose to invest in. 

When can I start tracking my investments online?

You'll receive an email notification when your transactions are processed and can be tracked on your Dashboard online under My Trends (typically within 3 business days after the money for your investment is received).

Why is there a delay in what I can see on my Dashboard?  

Each of our Trends is a managed fund which have unit prices calculated every business day, reflecting the value of each unit in the Trend. The value changes with things such as the share prices of the underlying shares owned by the Trend. When you invest, you'll be allocated a number of units in the Trend, and the value of your investment changes as the unit price changes.

There's a 2 business day time frame for unit prices to be calculated and available (while we wait for international markets around the world to close). So that's why your new investments takes up to 3 business days to be ready to track and there is a lag in the date of the unit prices you see on your Dashboard.

For an important notice about the service we provide, click here.

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