Nothing, AtlasTrend Learn membership provides you with valuable investing ideas and information including full details on all the listed shares our managed funds invest in. There is no obligation to invest with us. You're welcome to trade directly in the underlying international shares yourself through your own broker if you prefer. 

However, AtlasTrend also provides you with access to professionally managed investment funds which we call Trends, with each Trend providing exposure to 10-15 international shares. This means for the same dollar amount of investment, you will get exposure to more companies than if you bought the shares of one or two underlying companies yourself. You can buy or sell units you hold in the Trends as often as you like. You will also receive end of financial year statements for all your investments with AtlasTrend, making it a simpler process to manage your investments. 

When you invest with AtlasTrend, you'll also gain full access to all the benefits under Learn membership including members' exclusive investing insights and full transparent information on all the companies the Trends invest in so you can be a more informed investor. All complementary to investors for no membership fee.

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