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How does AtlasTrend identify Trends & pick stocks?
How does AtlasTrend identify Trends & pick stocks?

Learn about our investment approach & how we can cover so many international companies.

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The AtlasTrend team has a strong track record in investment management, having managed over $1 billion for investors in listed international equities. Our experienced investment team has a number of senior members who all have substantial investing experience across major global markets. What we all agree on is that the world is changing rapidly and the most successful companies are those that can innovate and quickly adapt to new trends. This belief forms the basis of how we find the right world trends for investment.

Combining a big data investment system with fundamental research by humans

We combine our investment team’s experience and fundamental research with the use of a technology system we developed in-house to help us find the right trends and companies to invest in. 

This system automates a significant proportion of the traditional investment process allowing the investment team to focus time on the key investment trends and the underlying companies exposed to those trends. 

Every day, the system analyses over 150,000 data points in relation to thousands of large listed companies around the world. The result of this narrows our focus to a smaller number of companies, which we then focus our fundamental research on internally before they are considered for investment by the Trends.

Hear from our investment team about how we built our latest Trend investing in a cleaner, greener world.

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