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AtlasTrend is an independent investment service that aims to help more Australians access smart and hassle-free global investments. We created a series of managed funds (called Trends) so you can get exposure to all the growth and innovation happening around the world. Our funds are built around trends impacting our world such as the exponential growth of big data, rise of online shopping and clean energy disruption. 

We're not your typical fund manager, a broker or robo-adviser. 

Investments are actively managed in-house by our experienced team. We build funds and select the stocks within them based on a long-term mindset supported by strong underlying fundamentals. Access, innovation, education, transparency and purpose are at the core of our beliefs and values.

Investing with purpose.

With 20% of AtlasTrend owned by charitable foundations, we believe the best outcomes are achieved when things are done for a purpose. Even when it comes to investing. That's why we created Trends

And that's why the founders and associated parties have personally invested in the Trends alongside AtlasTrend investors.

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