Why invest in global trends?

Learn why AtlasTrend actively manages & provides investing insights based on distinct long term world trends.

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The smarter way to invest globally

Australia is an amazing country, but we make up less than 3% of the world's GDP and less than 3% of the world's share market value. Our stock exchange (ASX) is largely dominated by the ‘big four’ banks, telcos, and resources companies, with globalisation an untapped investment opportunity for many Australians. 

When you look beyond our borders, it’s easier to see the bigger picture – there are a handful of trends impacting how we live now and in the future. A majority of companies driving these trends are listed offshore. We believe picking the right trends and innovative companies fuelling its growth should lead to better long term investment returns.

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Discover what we mean by a Trend, and how we identify trends such as the exponential growth of big data or the rise of online shopping for investment.

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