What is a Trend?

An actively managed fund investing in blue chip global shares built around a long-term trend impacting billions of lives around the world.

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Investing in managed funds (called Trends)

AtlasTrend's managed funds (or what we call "Trends") invests in typically 10-15 international shares that we believe benefit financially from a distinct megatrend. Our investment team harness many years of financial markets and investing experience to identify trends with strong, long-term growth prospects and global impact to invest in. Trends impacting billions of lives, such as the growth of big data or clean energy disruption.

How we determine what trends to invest in

We start by asking: what are some themes/trends that will keep growing over the next 10 years with near certainty?

Each Trend has all the following features:

  • Transformational global effects: A distinct and real theme that is already transforming and will continue to fundamentally transform the world we live in. e.g. the rise of big data.

  • Long term structural growth: It will continue to grow with great certainty for at least the next 10 years, even if difficult economic conditions arise.

  • Easily investable: There is already a wide selection of large international listed companies (over US$1 billion market capitalisation) across multiple industries driving the growth of the Trend. 

The Trends that are currently available for investment are AtlasTrend's:

What does each Trend invest in?

Once we research and identify a Trend, AtlasTrend builds and actively manages the portfolio of international shares they each invest in. Read more about what stocks are selected for the Trends.

For an important notice about the service we provide, click here.

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