Where will my money be invested?

AtlasTrend's managed funds (called Trends) invests in blue chip international shares benefiting from your chosen Trend.

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You'll own units in managed funds which own portfolios of blue chip international listed companies benefiting from your chosen Trend. 

AtlasTrend actively manages each Trend which invests in typically 10-15 listed shares:

  • Selected from over 5,000 companies

  • Listed on developed market stock exchanges (excluding Australia & New Zealand) 

  • Each company has over US$1 billion market capitalisation

  • Driving or benefiting from that specific Trend. 

Currently the Trends don't include any companies that are listed in Australia or New Zealand because AtlasTrend’s offering is targeted at providing everyday Australians with a simple and affordable way to invest in world trends that are not easily investable in Australia.

For an important notice about the service we provide, click here.

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