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Access exclusive investing ideas & information via 'The Atlas'
Open "The Atlas", your exclusive hub to explore the world of investing
Open "The Atlas", your exclusive hub to explore the world of investing

Get access to a library of curated investing ideas & information without the jargon to help empower you to invest with confidence.

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As an AtlasTrend member, you can start exploring "The Atlas"! It’s your exclusive member's content hub containing a library of investing ideas and information curated by our team, that's organised in a way that makes it easy to find useful insights to help you kick start your global investing journey. For a sneak peek of The Atlas, check out our blog which contains a limited sample of investing ideas from the Atlas. 

How is The Atlas going to help me?

With the growing amount of information available on the internet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know where to start when it comes to searching for relevant information to guide your investing decisions. Many traditional fund managers still provide their investors with little information on their investments, and when they do it is often filled with financial jargon.

We created The Atlas to give you full transparent information on AtlasTrend’s managed funds plus interesting and relevant information about global investing. When we share insights on companies that we do and don’t invest in, we focus on interesting facts and the key issues presenting opportunities and risks that drive each company’s share price, cutting out all the noise.

What exactly is The Atlas?

It’s an exclusive member’s hub where you can easily explore the world of investing!

We share our investing insights without the jargon, to help you invest with confidence. It’s the go to hub for members to:

  • Learn more about global investing

  • Stay ahead of the latest investment trends

  • Gain full transparent details on what AtlasTrend’s managed funds (what we call “Trends”) invest in and why

  • Be updated on the Trends’ performance and more.

Where can I find The Atlas?

Access The Atlas from the Learn menu when you log in.

What types of insights can I expect to find?

Exploring relevant investing ideas and information has never been easier. With The Atlas, you can now easily search or select from the Popular Categories to find articles that empower you. It's a content hub designed for new and seasoned investors to find something relevant to read. The types of insights you can find include:

  • Investing 101 – Basic concepts, investing tips & lessons learned from our investment team

  • Insights on trends – Trends we’re investing in such as online shopping, and the companies driving or benefiting from those trends, plus trends we're following

  • Trends Funds – Investing information about AtlasTrend’s managed funds including full details on what each fund invests in, the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Fact Sheets

  • Investment Performance – Information on the performance of the Trends, including our monthly Portfolio Scoop containing an update on the what’s happened in the global markets, currency and how each Trend is performing

  • Investing Tips & Pitfalls – Practical tips on how to invest, psychology of investing, facts about global investing, lessons learnt from our investment team and insights on topical things happening in the market

  • The Markets & Shares – Interesting insights and updates on topical news in the market and investment trends to watch

  • Get To Know Us – Keeping you updated on all things AtlasTrend, including updates to our products and services, and other articles to get to know us better

In addition, there is a growing series of articles around the following themes:


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